Artist: Alexander Krichel
Label: Sony Classical
Release Date: 14/08/2015


For his fourth CD, Alexander Krichel chose one of the most famous piano concertos of the late Romantic period. With the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Michael Sanderling, he plays Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor, which with its passionate, poetic music and irresistible melodies is probably still his most popular work today. Charmingly combined with Rachmaninoff’s multifaceted Moments musicaux op. 16 for solo piano – their name was inspired by Franz Schubert’s collection of musical miniatures of the same name – Alexander Krichel presents a programme that places the highest demands on the performer, both technically and artistically.



"Longing, insatiable desire, jubilation, power and dark brooding. Here, a young pianist is searching - not for effect, but for profundity. For what lies behind everything. Krichel is an artist who will make his way. How wonderful to listen to him in the process."

- NDR Kultur, 21 August 2015, Philipp Cavert

"Krichel not only delivers desirable playing perfection, but above all dispenses with any spectacular showmanship in favour of musically exemplary continuous, "dense" and smoothly balanced playing. The "Moments musicaux", Opus 16 by Rachmaninov, also reveal the maturity of Krichel's personality. He copes with them too without the slightest sign of fatigue."

- Fono Forum 10/2015

"Alexander Krichel's name currently stands for one of the greatest success stories in the classical music industry. [...] The same pianist who had just conjured up the most delicate pianissimo dreams now produces a tremendous storm of sound in which the chords and swarms of notes just fly into your face. No less amazing is the lightness and elegance with which Krichel tames and shapes the masses of sound."

- Piano News, 04/2015, Carsten Düre

"Alexander Krichel is a pianist of nuances and a visionary of sound: always felt from within, never obsessed with effect and yet certain when and where the grand gesture is needed. His recently released Rachmaninov album shows the whole palette of his skills, the deep romanticism of the Second Piano Concerto is grippingly emotional and yet never dripping."

- WAZ, 03 September 2015, Lars von der Gönna