Artist: Alexander Krichel
Label: Sony Classical
Release Date: 15/02/2013


On his Sony debut release “Frühlingsnacht” Alexander Krichel presents romantic songs and song arrangements by Schubert, Schumann and Mendelssohn, including the famous “Auf den Flügeln des Gesanges”, as well as other works of German Romanticism: Mendelssohn’s brilliant “Variations sérieuses”, five of his “Songs without Words” and four songs for pianoforte by Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel. He concludes the technical firework that also features the feared Liszt transcription of Schubert’s “Erlkönig” with the Rondo brillante “La Gaiété” by Carl Maria von Weber.


"Krichels playing sparkles with youthful fire, risk-taking and a joy of skill. [...] There is no question that the pianist is a true performer who can combine intimate caution in concert with daredevil access.”"

- Spiegel Online, 23 February 2013, Werner Theurich

"This is an intelligently combined, varied mixture of cantabile and brilliant piano pieces, a mixture of simple intimacy and virtuosic emotions. [...] His excellent technique allows him to sound completely unagitated and natural. [...] Krichel is able to sing on the piano. [...] This is romanticism from today's point of view: touching without being kitschy, moving without false tears, also gripping and dramatic when the music requires it. [...] Alexander Krichel plays clearly and without exaggerated rubati, with well-dosed use of pedal. [...] [His] debut CD Frühlingsnacht is a pleasure to listen to from beginning to end and promises a sequel."

- rbb Kulturradio, 18 February 2013

"So young and already so mature: this is the impression one gets involuntarily when listening to this CD by Alexander Krichel. Krichel is a piano artist with eminent technique and a great deal of taste. (...) For all his maturity, Krichel's piano poetry has something fresh, unconsumed, contemporary. One can only marvel at the quality. To merely call this young pianist a talent would be an understatement."

- Badische Zeitung, May 2013, Lotte Thaler